Every Day is a Good Day


A few months ago, I walked into Witch City Ink (Paul Martinez worked on me; highly recommend him) and had the phrase Every day is a good day inked on my left forearm. It’s actually a quote by Ummon, a Chinese Zen master born in 862 or 864 CE. It was something I came across […]

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Finger Vomit

Last night as I sat on the couch, a feeling of boredom and a sense of pathetic-ness washing over me, I became despondent. It’s a feeling of not knowing what’s going on with my life, of questioning my decisions, of realizing just how sad my life can be. This isn’t how I feel all the […]

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Morning Ritual

It’s Friday morning, a quarter to six. I’ve been up for the past 45 minutes. The calm that comes from meditation still surrounds me. This is my morning ritual: I rise around 5 and make a cup of tea. Once it’s done steeping, I meditate for 10 minutes, pick up the tea from the kitchen […]

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