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WordPress Themes

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to start a little WordPress business called literary. For my themes, each one would be named after a female writer, most often those who influenced or had an impact on women’s rights (what can I say, I was a women’s studies minor in college and am a died-in-the-wool feminist). A few years ago, I started going through the process of cleaning up my themes and getting them ready to be reviewed by WordPress. literary is still but a dream; I’ve been distracted and enthralled by jobs and tech. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t put the themes out for use.

I am by no means guaranteeing that these themes are 100% complete or will work in every browser. They are somewhat complete and not that shabby (hopefully). My skill set is primarily in back-end development but these themes were a fun venture into my front-end roots. I welcome pull requests on Github or send me an email with your request. These themes are a few years old but I think they hold up well.